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Having been trained in Classical Animation along with a diverse spectrum of experience in both the design and advertising fields, I decided to venture out of the square box and experience the process of life. 

It's all about creating, discovering and, I believe, most importantly, embracing oneself in the process of life.

An original quilt design, "Guilda", was showcased in the promotional advertising for the Christmas 2000 "One Of A Kind Show", in Toronto.

Entitled "Gifts of Love" the show featured the talents of  750 fellow artisans.  

The process of this piece was one of the most treasured experiences in my creative career.  Guilda was "born" with the loving talents of Cindy Guild, Christine Whitehouse, Beverley Davidson, Kara Larke and Anne Woods in Guelph, ON.  Over 100 hours were required to produce the completed piece.  These were some of the most enjoyable (and memorable) hours I have spent in the company of these amazing women.

Guilda's lastest public appearance was at Ladyfest at the University of Guelph in September 2005.











          Electric Guitar Case


Music.  Now there's a pleasure in life.  It's so naturally inviting, and full of versitility....

  If the music has it's own signature, then why not create a visual to accompany it.    That was the inspirational seed for this piece.

The exterior is made of suede. The edges of the fringe are detailed with metalic seed beads.  There are adjustable straps on the back , so it can be carried either over the shoulders or simply by handles. The interior padding is constructed from 1" foam , covered with a mauve velour to prevent instrument from sustaining damage en route to the gig.  The case is made to fit any standard size electric guitar.


©2005 Laura Laing

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